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Hey, All,

I don't want to burst anyone's balloon on this, but I checked with my
news server.

Alt.music.white-power <b>and</b> alt.politics.white-power are both alive
and kicking. 

Democracy has spoken. I hope you like what it said.

Not feeling very powerful, I am
Leslie J. Furlong

Waye Mason wrote:
> This message just surfaced on the NCRA listserv and a guy who knows what
> he is talking about said these things:
> The vote is way long time over.
> The good guys won 30,000+ votes AGAINST letting the newsgroup happend to
> 250 votes FOR establishing the newsgroup.
> The guy who ran the info campaign DOES NOT WANT YOU TO EMAIL HIM.  He
> gets hundreds of emails a day from people about it stilll.
> The way the net works is there is a Call For Votes or CFV to establish
> new newsgroups, and everyone on the net is allowed to vote..  the voting
> is done electronically.  At this time the majority of people on the net
> don't want a white-power newsgroup, and I think thats swell.
> W.
> proud to have voted against alt.white-power, summer 95.
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Err..., I don't want to burst your balloon, but