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rome plows

hi, can anyone give me a description of what rome plows sounds like.  i
have heard so much about them and am seriously thinking about sending out
for their cd.  i remember someone writing about rome plows in the same
breath as rebecca west.  i love rebecca west and if rome plows is in any
way comparable then i am very interested.  actually, if anyone out there
tells me that the rome plows cd is good i will send away for it.  i am a
sucker in that respect i guess.

BTW, i have burners on and will soon recieve the new one by rebecca west.
are they putting out anything soon, or is there more stuff than this?
thanks a lot for whomever can answer.

sorry, one more.  usa sloan shows?  someone posted a week ago and no one
mentioned anything.  are they announced yet?  wow, that's all i have to

you'd prefer an astronaut?
rich c.		rgcampbe\!/acs.ucalgary.ca