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Re: a solution...

Jim Cooper

On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Melissa Buote wrote:

> After all, mail order is definitely the most important aspect of this 
> company.  Not like people could shlep themselves out of their houses 
> to pick up the latest release -- getting the personalized touch is 
> worth it.  

I don't no...I went down to murder(phoning before to be sure someone was 
there), and I had to meet people.  LIke Micheal and Marc.  Oh well, I did 
get the album, about 3hrs after I decided to buy.  

maybe if the local folks were to not bother with mail order, it amazes me 
that they would, then perhaps murder could keep up.  Remember not all 
the responsibility for delayed orders fall on there shoulders, as has 
already been explained.

I'd volunteer,