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Indie Rock on C.B.?...Naww, can't be! (kinda long)

I thought I'd share with you guys what happened on this side of the causeway
this weekend....

with Mastadon Ridge, Emily, & St. Alister's Temptation

First up were St.Alister's. This is their second time on stage and my first
time seeing them. They started off with an instrumental. Then the
evil one arrived!  As soon as Angus, singer-guy, hits the stage the crowd
goes nuts!  Songs so eerie you know somewhere the dead are coming to life.
And angus really gets the crowd into it. Poe would be proud!

Next up is Emily.  Steve has some wierd thing drawn on his chest and a wierd
processor or something hooked up to his guitar 'cause he was getting some
crazy sounds out of it. Not sure how to describe their sound beside
distorted rock(any Capers wanna help me here?).  Some of their songs have
the unfortunate tendency to sound the same, althought there was one new song
that threw me for a loop!

MASTADON RIDGE!!!!! These guys are amazing! You know that feeling you get in
the pit of your stomiche when you're listening to a band and you're on the
verge of tears (yes, this is a good thing)? These guys have it!  Each time I
hear them play they blow me away! No, I'm not their agent.  Emotional
intensity this side of Eric's Trip.

After that was the grand premere of the Q video for Revenge of the
Introverts. Filmed in black and white at the coke ovens, It's got a post-
apocalyptic feel to it.

Then came Q!  These guys have come a long way in the past year.  Carmen's
stage presence has become alot better; she's not as stage-shy as she used to
be. I didn't get to see all their set, But what I did got my toes a-tappin'!
LOve that rockin' groove! And hey, they actually have a CD out!

Fifteen minutes into their set me and sean "electric plumtree boy" went over
to Bunkers (a local peanut bar) to set up a P.A. for a post-show party...
but I've taken up enough bandwidth as it is. 8)

Whoa...almost forgot!  Muchyeast boy Mike Campbell was there to tape the
show and do interviews with bands. Can't wait to see them finally make it to
the small screen!