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Neonazis and the ECMA's

About this neo-nazi thing, all the fuss may be about nothing. I got the same
message about a year ago, and apparently it's continued to make the rounds,
even after completion of the voting. If however, it's a new message and a
new vote, then I suppose it can't hurt to express your opinion, whatever it
may be.

EC content? Sure. I got your EC. I got your EC RIGHT HERE!!
Has anyone heard about plans for no-cases in Moncton this February to
pick up the slack of the usual lame-ass ECMA showcases (which admittedly
include Madhat)? The staff at CKUM, in broken english, have expressed utter
confusion as to exactly what a no-case is, which has us CAPR types
concerned. No one has to be told that Punkton has a great scene that
deserves attention, and with thousands of industry weasels in town, it only
makes sense to follow in the footsteps of campus stations in other host
cities. Just curious - email me privately, or post it if you wish to invoke
the wrath of the vengeful sloannet gods. :)
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