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a solution...

I offer a solution to the oh, so besmerched mail-order moguls of
Murderecords.  Here's a few options:

(a) Tell Marc Brown that he's not allowed leaving the office until 
he's done with the daily orders, or  
(b) kick Jay out of Sloan and demote him to stuffing envelopes. It 
could be Chris or Patrick either...it doesn't matter who, as long as 
it's done. 
(c) Get Ozone Distro to do it for you, I hear they're just GREAT at 
this sort of stuff....

After all, mail order is definitely the most important aspect of this 
company.  Not like people could shlep themselves out of their houses 
to pick up the latest release -- getting the personalized touch is 
worth it.  Now, if none of the stores in your town carries the vinyl 
or even some of the CDs (read:  stores in Ch'town doesn't carry half 
the stuff, so I know where you're coming from), I can see it.  And 
the shirts...of course you want the shirts.  But as for the normal 
everyday music releases, perhaps you could trot down to Sam's (I know 
Murder's not located conveniently across the street anymore, 
but c'est la vie) and pick it up -- you might not see a member of 
Sloan, but maybe Andy McDaniel will ring it though for you!

What a happy medium....

yours in jest,