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Re: Murderecords INC.

Adamweezer\!/aol.com <Adamweezer\!/aol.com> had this to say about Murderecords INC.

}Has anyone else noticed the inverse relation between the size and service of

No, I haven't, but now that you mention it:

1) Sloan have gotten "bigger".
2) Murderecords have not gotten bigger.

thus, murderecords is overworked and understaffed, and service has 

Consider that they sold 50 000 records in under a year.  OK, MCA did 
much of the work, but that's still a lot of product for a company 
staffed by folks who I suspect have other jobs too.


}    So anyway, maybe I'm just really unlucky and agitated right now, but I
}yearn for about a year and half ago when murder was tiny, sloan was broken
}up, ET wasn't, and sloannet was Consistantly interesting, rather than small
}sporatic spurts of intelligence.

You are not alone.  The truth is out there.
So are our Sloannet tees...