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stoves and tees

A friend of mine saw my Sloan tee the other day and her head almost popped
off! Seems a friend of hers made her a mix tape a couple years ago that
included Sloan's rendition of "Stove/Smother" from the DGC Rarities
compilation and she loved it. So she went from store to store asking for
Sloan. Nobody had ever heard of them. *SIGH*

She asked me, "Do they have a record out?" So of course I told her they
have 3 and an EP, blah, blah, blah, do you wanna borrow one? Now I'm in the
process of creating a new Sloan fan (I hope -- she hasn't heard the other
discs yet).

Wish me luck, and tell the boys to point that tour van south -- I think we
could get concert attendance up to at least 3 now!