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Re: OCTA singles/Lines You Amend

At 06:49 PM 11/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>These sloan singles peopel are talking about (the ones from OCTA) do they 
>have any unreleased songs on them?  If yes, which and by whom?

I think I've said this before, but none of the OCTA singles have anything
unreleased, unless you count the "Good In Everyone" which features the radio
version w/o the audience screaming. These singles are *radio*/*promo* only
and its very unlikely that you'll find them unless you know someone at MCA.
The only Sloan sinlges which feature rarites are the UK GEFFEN ones from
'Smeared'. Those sinlges have been long deleted and will only be found
used,by collectors or if a has store overstock.


The Lines You Amend is already invading the airwaves.


>I would like to clear a few things up.  I do agree with Canada's Charter of
>Rights and Freedoms but in Canada there are laws against hate literature and
>I feel that this newsgroup would qualify as a resource to distribute this
>hate propaganda.  Therefore I forwarded this message in order to give people
>the *option* of voting on this matter.  As the original message stated,
>newsgroups are formed through a democratic process, if the community does
>not want to allow this type of newsgroup to be formed then they should have
>the option of voting against it.  I was simply trying to give people who may
>not have been aware of this issue that option.

I think its great you believe so strongly for something, and I agree w/ some
of the things you are saying, but a petition of this sorts really has no
affect on Sloan or SloanNet. The CBC one did, because of shows like 'Brave
New Waves' and 'Realtime' being CBC shows, supported Sloan, but this recent
one has no direct affect on them, so something like the lasest petition
could have been just sent to friends and such. The particular one, bout the
neo-nazi music group has been around forever, I think its been around
on-line longer then I have.


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