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Murderecords INC.

Everyone prepare to be angry, but I'm going to ask you to objectively
consider this.

Has anyone else noticed the inverse relation between the size and service of
Murderecords?  I, for one, have, and frankly, it scares me.  I'm not just
shooting my mouth off, either as I've been ordering through them for quite
awhile, and have recently experienced the same problems as those that others
on the list have complained about, thereby proving it's not just a personal
grudge against me. There are a few reasons I see for this, but some are not
so easily excused.

    After the TR tours had died down and everything seemed to be finished,
mailorder customers would usually have no problem getting replies or even
short notes from one (out of (i think) only 2 that answered mail) of the
sloan boys.  They had to know that they would be swamped with orders around
the release date for OCTA, and to their credit compensated wonderfully, I
recieved my order in less than three weeks (minus the regular letter and
without answers to any of my questions).  
    Finding out about the 'Super duper EP' the next day, I mailed my order
(well in advance, granted) in the day that I recieved my other order, along
with the same questions.  That was in June I beleive... I recieved my 10" in
mid October, badly mangled and with no answers. 
    Back in June, when OCTA first came out, through e-mail I got my version
of the lyrics corrected by chris, and was able to set up a deal for some
singles with Jay (or at least someone who signed JHF) The first time I sent
my cash it worked well and got them back pretty quick.  The second one I set
up, I mailed in the money (in cash (stupid! you're sooo stupid!*))  with the
'super duper' money-order.  Whoever was running the mailorder at that time
(They were on tour by the time they got around to answering it) of course
knew nothing about it, and kept the money, saying "I'll ask them when they
get back".  Well, time has passed and I've tried unsuccessfully to reach
murder thru e-mail, and I'm pretty peeved, which would explain why i'm
spending so much time writing this rather than my english paper that's due
    So anyway, maybe I'm just really unlucky and agitated right now, but I
yearn for about a year and half ago when murder was tiny, sloan was broken
up, ET wasn't, and sloannet was Consistantly interesting, rather than small
sporatic spurts of intelligence.

Okay that's it.  Flame me now.


P.s.  The singles that I never recieved were the EYDW CD and an 'Andrew' or
'Patrick' insert 'Stood Up', just incase anyone can help me out.

* = shameless _UHF_ quote.