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Sloan's words

Re:  mediocrity loves company:

        Sloan writes:  "And I think Consolidated's OK.  It's not the band I
hate, it's their fans."

This is because the band Consolidated is so serious, that after their shows
they usually have an open mic and pass it around so everyone can have their
say.  They are so set in their ways and outspoken that it *does* drive many
people away from the music.  It's not healthy to have an opinion about
everything.  I think in today's society, people are for some reason afraid
to say "I don't know".  They think they have to have an opinion about
everything, and everything has to have an opinion in it.  Sometimes, music
has to be about nothing to be about anything.  


"I raise my glass to the cut and dry, to the amplify.  I raise my glass to
the B-side"