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mediocrity loves company

> Oh well, this is getting way
> off topic, and this whole thread is annoying as hell, who cares if a band is
> always serious, if you don't like it start yr own band and be all happy and
> shit. Do you really want a bunch of Presidents Of The USA running around and
> all over yr airwaves and video waves...

I don't think anyone wants another Presidents of the USA -- one is definitely
bad enough.  The original point, however, was not made against serious bands.
I specifically was criticizing INSINCERE serious bands.  I like a mix of music
styles, and my music collection has more serious bands than "fluffy" bands,
but it just can't be some put-on act of "oh, woe is me, boo hoo hoo."  If a
band is going to be really dark and depressed, it better be honest and not
just for show.

As an example, my favorite songwriter is Ed Kowalczyk of Live.  He has a lot
of songs that deal with serious subject matter, like an opposition to
nationalism and organized religion.  For the most part, they have very serious
lyrics, but occasionally they'll inject some humor in a song, and the guys
in the band themselves aren't depressed.  It is honest rather than sickeningly

Also, I'd like to add that this thread has not been "annoying as hell."  It
has been far more interesting than the average thread.  Thanks to whomever
started it.  (I personally am guilty for the "mediocrity loves company",
though, which I'm sure you're all sick of by now.)