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Re[2]: mediocrity loves company

I don't think *any* band should be serious all the time...if they are, then they
should be heavily parodied by Weird Al.  I think the peak was when I heard T. 
Reznor sing, "I...hurt myself today...to see if I still feel."  Come ON, Trent.

On the flip side, I heard a song this morning by the Bloodhound something band, 
who did a remake of "The Roof is on Fire."  It was incredibly deadpan and funny,
sung in a Beck-like voice ("Somebody say 'ho!'").

Where would Sloan be if only serious songs were appreciated?

And I, too, am enjoying the 80s pop revival, mostly so I can pick up music I 
couldn't afford to buy the first time 'round (the Belle Stars, Altered Images, 
Felony, Jo Boxer, Roman Holliday, the Kings, the Members, the Kingbees, Single 
Bullet Theory, the Monroes, the Waitresses, etc.) or was hard to find.  So much 
of it is available on compilations.  I have to admit, though:  if I hear one 
more Howard Jones song, my head's gonna split open and something science 
fictiony is gonna come out.  I definitely hit my HJ lifetime quota at Edenfest.

"Who the hell is this guy?"
--a kid at Edenfest (when Howard Jones came on)

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I feel that a lot of the stuff regarding the revival o' 80's pop is 
great......I personally am a huge Admiral fan......I think that bands should 
be serious, but i've had enough of hearing about burn-outs and junkies and 
need some upbeat stuff once in a while...