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Sloan article in RIP

I don't usually buy RIP magazine (for example this month's issue 
has the Presidents of the U.S.A. on the cover) but since I saw "Canadian 
Rock - The Puck Stops Here" on the cover I had to see what it was about.
The article, called "The Puck Stops Here - CANADIAN ROCK", is almost 
four pages long and mostly about Sloan. This suprised me, especially 
since RIP is an American magazine, and it tends to cover heavier bands 
(the next page is about Godflesh!). 
	 Some of the information is wrong though: "..Halifax, a small 
college town of Nova Scotia..." not "Halifax, the largest city east of 
Montreal.." and it says that Patrick plays bass.  But it gives Canadian 
music alot of credit: "Quicker than you can say, 'He has a break-away 
across the blue line, he shoots, he scores!' another Canadian band is 
producing a record better than most of the piffle you've been exposed to 
by our lumbering record company collosals." and "They have mastered the 
power-pop genre and have created  some incredible music, maybe better 
than we deserve."
The article mentions Zumpano alot, and the Superfriendz, Chixdiggit, and 
lists "essential Canadian releases" : All 3 Sloan records, Superfriendz, 
both Zumpano, Pure, Punchbuggy, Northern Pikes, Limblifter, jale, 
Inbreds, Hardship Post, Ginger, Eric's Trip, and Blue Rodeo. 
--And if you were at an in-store in Vancouver, your picture may be in 
	Sorry, this was longer than I meant it to be!!