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Matt wrote:
> 	Please "set me up" with info on how to order that Rome Plows CD, 
> especially the cost. Thanks,
> 	Matt

Dear Matt and Sloannet.. I posted a few days ago about the plows and I 
have had lots of responce, enough so that I think it may be of enough 
interest to post to the list (yeah, again..).
Here's the information:

Rome Plows
c/o Mike Begin
2336 Agricola St.
Halifax, NS
B3K 4B6

The CD goes for $10.00, and to cover postage $2.00
extra would suffice. If it is cheaper they will send
you the change, they promised. Canadian funds. Cheques
can be made out to Mike Begin, but I think cash is ok.
8 songs,
Holy Shit.