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Kitchener People...

For Kitchener residents, Saturday's ex-Plumtree show at the Korova
will still have the Weedy Pigeons, Greg Plant and WILT, and it's free.
So if you haven't made other plans, come on down... it'll still be a
good show!


Patrick Wilkins        2B Independent Studies, University of Waterloo
                 Imprint Newspaper and CKMS 100.3 FM

                    Upcoming Ramona Records Shows:
         PLUMTREE w/Weedy Pigeons, Wilt -- Korova, Saturday November 23
  HENRY \!/ Habitat for Humanity Benefit -- University of Waterloo, November 26
         ON with Sintoy and Preschool -- Korova, Thursday November 28
                      HENRY -- Korova, Saturday December 7
 LUCKY SEVEN punkfest with Preschool, the Ludes, Henry, Five Knuckle Chuckle,
                 Tirekickers, Firedog, and Claudia's Cage!
                \!/Waterloo Button Factory, Friday December 13
     BOB WISEMAN w/Henry, Craig Cardiff -- Korova, Saturday December 14
             PROPAGHANDI w/Preschool -- TBA, Tuesday December 17