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OK, so I'm totally bored and I've been awake for much too long and I felt
like typing something, so here's a few tidbits of completely useless,
EC-related info:

1) In today's (Saturday the 23rd) Toronto Star, Arts section, there's a
fairly long article on Colin Mackenzie.  It says nothing new, but way to go
Colin on getting yourself in a Toronto newspaper!

2) I highly recommend ordering one of the new Orange Glass cds,
Protography.  I just got mine in the mail on Thursday and I love it with
all my heart.  Sure, it doesn't sound like usual Orange Glass tunes, and
sure, one of the tracks really really scares me, but so what?  It's a great
cd, and comes in a very chic cardboard, record-like cd case which I'm
certain is unbreakable, much unlike jewel cases.  Ron Bates is the Master
Of The Universe.

3) On the subject of merriment vs. doom in music, here's my two cents:
everyone has mood swings.  A healthy mix of Sloan and The Cure provides
music for every mood, therefore eliminating the feeling of needing to go
only one way or the other.  Listen to whatever you want, as long as you
like it.

4) The new season of Street Cents started yesterday!

Thanks for reading my drivel,