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Hello all.
This is dream from homemade hearts records, and I guess my multi-million 
dollar advertising campaign hasn't really paid off since no one seems to 
know exactly what Tara S'appart material is available and in what form.  
Well, here it goes again....

Taras S'appart "Space So Pretty" cassette. 20 min.  A beautiful and 
private tape.  It's very quiet and very lovely.  recorded at home by Rick 
and Tara, all songs by tara.  It is available through Rick and Tara in 
Canada ($5 canadian) at their PO box (This iis different than Sappy's - 
I don't have it handy right now, but I will post it later); and in the US 
for $4 american at Homemade Hearts
		   719 Ashbourne Rd.
   	 	   ElkinsPark, Pa. 19027  USA

Also available from Tara is her "  Little 7"  " (which as it states, is a 
7" record).  This was recorded about a year or so after the Space so 
Pretty Cassette (maybe a year and a half) and Tara's songwriting and 
producing have both matured dramatically since her cassette.  These songs 
are lush and full, but still manage to retain that quiet beauty.  It is 
available from Rick and Tara (again, I will post the address later) and 
from Homemade hearts (see above) for $5 american or 6 canadian.

I suppose since I'm already making a Homemade Hearts post that this would 
be a good time to say that during the thanksgiving break I am going to be 
making up a limited number of little coloring books with half of the 
being Tara's and half being by Soft Blanket (also has
a 7" on homemade hearts) as a give-away if you buy both their 7"s (hey it's a
 better gimmick than a limited to the US extra CD!).  But can also be obtained
 on a first come first served basis if you add $.50 to your order. 

I hope this clears up people's confusion without causing too much new 

P.S. please e-mail with any questions. sas6533\!/oberlin.edu