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Re: mediocrity loves company

I personally prefer all sorts of music.  I am gonna have ta disagree with
the NIN you are talking about.  "Pretty Hate Machine" is his best album
to date.  "Broken" is a great album, and "The Downward Spiral" has a lot
of personal meaning to me.  It is close to my heart.  I really enjoyed
The Smashing Pumpkins first wto albums.  I absolutely hated "Piceces
Aristocrat"(or what ever).  Their latest is ok but it show's (in my
opinion) no musical graduation.  It sound almost the same as "Siamese
Dream" except there are some keyboards in this one.  I also really enjoy
music by Sloan, Jale, Noise Addict, Beck, Soul Coughing, Shonen Knife,
and many more.  Music that's not pain ridden or tortured.  I can get sick
of listening to just hard music.  So that's why I look to Canada and
other countries for uplifting music.  LIfe can be a bummer, but ya know I
have had fun.

Straight outta the bowel's of TexAss.  SonofScetchie lives in his
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his odd
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On Fri, 22 Nov 1996 09:49:04 -0500 (EST) Monty Burns
<mhamou\!/mustang.uwo.ca> writes:
>On Thu, 21 Nov 1996, Robert Martin Bruce wrote:
>> On Thu, 21 Nov 1996 LNUSCIM.JZZFR1\!/eds.com wrote:
>> > It seems like the whole teen angst thing
>> > has turned into a parody and no longer seems honest.  When Kurt 
>> > screamed it seemed honest.  But when Billy Corgan sings "God is 
>empty, just
>> > like me" (credit to Gina for that example) or Trent Reznor (whose 
>> > album was good, I will admit) whines about pain or sadness or 
>> > his recent songs have been about, it just seems like a big put-on 
>with the
>> > objective being to sell misery. 
>> 	What is even worse than corporate depression-rock is the
>> brainless indie-bubblegum that mediocre Canadian independent bands 
>> from Halifax, most from Ontario) are putting out right now. I prefer
>> hearing overboard angst to listening to bland, non-threatening songs 
>> 1980's pop culture and puppy love.  I'm not sure exactly when the 
>> indie scene turned into Revenge of the Immature Nerds, but I know 
>all this
>> happiness and sappiness can't be healthy.
>> 	Thank God for bands like Rebecca West and Rome Plows who 
>> afraid to make serious music.
>Excuse me, but some of us actually like that kind of music.  I think a
>great deal of good music is coming out of Ontario, especially things 
>Bubblegun Records!  Music is there to have fun with as well as 
>serious ideas, so lets not shun bands because they're having fun!!!!
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