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Re: mediocrity loves company

In message Fri, 22 Nov 1996 09:49:04 -0500 (EST),
  Monty Burns <mhamou\!/mustang.uwo.ca>  writes:

>>         What is even worse than corporate depression-rock is the
>>    brainless indie-bubblegum that mediocre Canadian independent bands
>>  (some  from Halifax, most from Ontario) are putting out right now. I
>>  prefer  hearing overboard angst to listening to bland, non-threatening
>>  songs about  1980's pop culture and puppy love.  I'm not sure exactly
>>  when the Canadian  indie scene turned into Revenge of the Immature
>> Nerds, but I know all this  happiness and sappiness can't be healthy.
Jeez, you picked the WRONG LIST to post this to! I'll post it to
alt.music.cannibal.corpse on your behalf! :)
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