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Re: mediocrity loves company

Right on bruddah, I think we are totally lucky to have bands like that.. 
at our disposal. If there is anyone on the list who hasn't heard the 
Plows CD, you outta. If anyone want's some ordering info.. I can set you 
up with it.. it's not a big-run release, so you might not get it later if 
you change your mind, look at all those sloan singles, not a chance.
Rebecca West are also damn fine. Bands like these need better exposure in 
the national papes. If we had a british press in Canada, you know they 
would be all over it. And how about those Mote Champs? Damn.. pay attention.

> 	What is even worse than corporate depression-rock is the
> brainless indie-bubblegum that mediocre Canadian independent bands (some
> from Halifax, most from Ontario) are putting out right now. I prefer
> hearing overboard angst to listening to bland, non-threatening songs about
> 1980's pop culture and puppy love.  I'm not sure exactly when the Canadian
> indie scene turned into Revenge of the Immature Nerds, but I know all this
> happiness and sappiness can't be healthy.
> 	Thank God for bands like Rebecca West and Rome Plows who aren't
> afraid to make serious music.