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Re: mediocrity loves company

On Thu, 21 Nov 1996 LNUSCIM.JZZFR1\!/eds.com wrote:
> It seems like the whole teen angst thing
> has turned into a parody and no longer seems honest.  When Kurt Cobain
> screamed it seemed honest.  But when Billy Corgan sings "God is empty, just
> like me" (credit to Gina for that example) or Trent Reznor (whose first
> album was good, I will admit) whines about pain or sadness or whatever
> his recent songs have been about, it just seems like a big put-on with the
> objective being to sell misery. 

	What is even worse than corporate depression-rock is the
brainless indie-bubblegum that mediocre Canadian independent bands (some
from Halifax, most from Ontario) are putting out right now. I prefer
hearing overboard angst to listening to bland, non-threatening songs about
1980's pop culture and puppy love.  I'm not sure exactly when the Canadian
indie scene turned into Revenge of the Immature Nerds, but I know all this
happiness and sappiness can't be healthy.
	Thank God for bands like Rebecca West and Rome Plows who aren't
afraid to make serious music.