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Hey sloannetters,
        I totally agree that the age of self-hatred has run its course.
Although many people are still "angst-ridden", it is no longer *hip* to be a
downer.  Life is a constantly rotating thing.  What's cool today is out
tomorrow, but the day after -- it's back!  We have been through the era of
non-melodic heavy metal screaming and tonally ambiguous "music".  Now in
retaliation, just like the Romantic period was a retaliation to the Classic
era, misery is replaced with sugary pop melodies and singable harmonies.
Music changes like any artform.
        To touch on the Trent Reznor comment;  even Reznor said once that
"no one can be angst-filled 24 hours a day, sometimes it's an act."  Trent
Reznor fills a need that many people have (not me, per se, but others).  His
music supplies an outlet for people who sometimes feel that way or want to
express that.  That's what it's all about -- expression.


"I raise my glass to the cut and dry, to the amplify.  I raise my glass to
the B-side"