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mediocrity loves company

>> i've heard from a girl from Enclave (my band may be signing w/ them) that
they plan a really good radio push for Sloan...they know that OCTA has a ton
of radio hits and now that the music world is turning around to happy music
(no matter what you kids think, Beck, NO Doubt, and others are turning this
depressing shit away) radio and MTV may be more receptive this time around. <<

I think this is so true!  This was recently discussed by me and another
sloannet member on another list.  It seems like the whole teen angst thing
has turned into a parody and no longer seems honest.  When Kurt Cobain
screamed it seemed honest.  But when Billy Corgan sings "God is empty, just
like me" (credit to Gina for that example) or Trent Reznor (whose first
album was good, I will admit) whines about pain or sadness or whatever
his recent songs have been about, it just seems like a big put-on with the
objective being to sell misery.  (Despite Soul Asylum's awareness of this
situation, I still hate their song "Misery" because it's just a horrible
song.  But I digress.)  It's just become an early-nineties cliche and
hopefully it is in fact coming to an end.

Lisa  [LNUSCIM.JZZFR1\!/eds.com]

"The cachet of misery...
Could you strike that pained expression
once again for camera three?
Are you miserable?  Are your demons tangible?
... Mediocrity loves company..."

- Jeff Heiskell, The Judybats (another criminally-underrated band)