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Re: Cd $$$ thread

>who really cares??  $18......what is that, three hours of work.  yeah, i
>would work 3 hours for one new song.  if it is so much money ask for it
>for christmas (even though it is relesed after christmas).  or steal it.
>whatever works for you.  but quit complaining about a measly $18.
>sorry if my opinion sucks.
>fresh from our deli.
>rich c.         rgcampbe\!/acs.ucalgary.ca

Not to hang on this insignificant thread of this message, but:

$18 is actually quite a bit to spend on a cd. Did anyone hear any news on
that lawsuit put together against some record companies (was it MCA?) for
selling cd's at illegally high prices? They did the breakdown on the % of
who gets what of the income on each cd. The artist gets relatively nothing
sadly to say :(

Although i agree that i would still spend the money for new sloan stuff. *sigh*

Just wondering if anyone's heard anything more (or at all)

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