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Re: SO why is Sloan not popular in...

>I agree with the theory on Mtv/Vh1 play=success.......its definitely the case
>with a lot of bands such as Green Day, Offspring, Bush......Bush for example
>did nothing in England and from what i heard never got on Mtv europe.....they
>got on mtv in the states in a flash and instantly began to sell.....its sad
>but true..-Mac

What about "Natural One" by the Folk Implosion? It was all over MTV, or so
I'm told by my friends (I don't watch it), yet the Kids soundtrack had
barely sold 35,000 copies the last I heard. Or Pearl Jam, who haven't made
a video in years but still sell millions and get played to death on the

I agree MTV is pointless and evil -- that's why I don't watch it -- but
someone's gotta play devil's advocate!  :-)

Now I'm going to try to stop tossing my litter all over the internet...