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the party pooper album...

to all you crying cooks...

maybe you've never been a fan of a band that toiled in relative obscurity
for a while before...or one that has had to conquer a new market...bonus
tracks/EPs/albums happen so often that I can't even fathom why the Party
Album should be an issue at all. I can think of many *very* recent
(and many not so recent) instances where this has happened. It is
understandable, and *yes* it is a pain in the ass to the fans who bought
the stuff as soon as it came out, but *live with it*. It's the nature of
the beast. In fact, were it not for the fact that Sloan is so incredibly
popular in Canada (and that gold album thingy) you would have on your
hands a pretty valuable commodity by owning the original copy of OCTA.
Do you know how impossible it is to find the first Clash album without the
extra tracks that were tacked on for the american release ? Now, there are
at least 70 K copies of OCTA out there...right ?  so obviously it's not
some collector's edition limited pressing album, but you can impress your
friends and tell them your copy of OCTA didn't come with the Party Album.
Yes, it is a pain that you are such a loyal fan that you bought the album
right away and now you cry because you will have to shell out new bux to
purchase the extra songs/EP/LP/whatever. Some fans will buy the
American import...if you don't feel like it or can't afford it, beg that
someone make you a copy. In the meanwhile, Sloan doesn't owe you
ANYTHING...remember how the first model of the Discman was super expensive 
and skipped like hell...true pieces of junk...and a couple of years later,
they made massive improvements and dropped the price...man, as a loyal fan
of Sony product I felt ripped off by the fact that the newer models had
more features, were cheaper, and worked better. I could have whined about
Sony, and I could whine about Sloan trying to attract a new market...but
it would be futile. That's just the way the cookie crumbles...

Last time I checked, Sloan had yet to charter a plane to go about