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Re: Special US release...

On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, John Lambert wrote:

> What I was trying to say was:
> 1)That for the majority of Sloan fans (americans included), who have already
> bought OCTA, it is not fair to put a bonus CD on the US release, because
> then these fans will have to purchase the same album again, in order to get
> this bonus CD. I did not like the reasoning, because the majority of Sloan
> fans, (americans included) would be getting ripped off.
> 2)What bothered me is that this seems not to be a "thank you" for the US
> fans, but rather a way to get the majority of Sloan fans to buy it again, in
> order to get the bonus CD, (as Shant Pelly previously stated). This seems to
> be a pure money making plan and is something that bothers me.
> IMO, in making decisions like these, a honest band would try to satisfy the
> majority of their fans, but this is just my opinion. Thanks. 

well, the thing is...first of all, sloan and murderecords are what they 
have...it's the band's main source of income (from what i can gather...),
so i don't necessarily see it as them being dishonest.
i said it was incentive to repurchase the album.
that doesn't necessarily make the band greedy or dishonest in how they 
want to market (or how enclave) wants to market the album.
personally, i think anything that's going to even give the band a shot at 
winning over a drab american market who goes gaga over the likes of 
drivel such as alanis morissette is only going to be good.
i certainly don't mind supporting a band i like. i'll more than likely 
purchase the ep, but chances are that it *will* be released separately as 
well, so please, stop bitching and complaining about the ep and 
repurchasing the album until someone knows for sure how this will work 
for fans otherwise! (in respects to everyone who keeps bringing it up....)