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Re: SO why is Sloan not popular in the Sates?

>  Take Alanis for example(is she still a joke).  I remember her VERY well
> from my time in Canada.  She was horrid, big hair, and Debbie Gibson
> beats.  It was just a shame.  But why is Alanis bigger here than Sloan. 
> Well she sold out.  She went from a TigerBeat, TeenBeat, SuperTeen,
> BigBopper, Teen Party, Bop, Sassy musician, to a Alterna fool.  She went
> from 80's crap to 90's crap and it paid off.  Hopefully when her next
> album comes out all of us Americans will realize that she needs help to
> write her songs.  I warned many many people about Alanis and what she
> was, but no one listened.  They saw the video, Simon Rex said go and buy.
>  And many did as they were told(is MTV Gorge Orwells Big Brother).  

I have a theory about this. The only reason Alanis made it is because of
Flea's bass playing on "You Oughta Know." Since Flea played, everyone has
been in a magical trance. Since his sonic enchantment, people think they
are under the spell of Alanis, when it has really been Flea. So when
they're listening to "Ironic", it's really Flea's action-at-a-distance bass
playing from "YOK." Kind of a quantum mechanical musical effect.

Chris Morrissey
(guitar player, drummer, sax man, now in my current band a member of the
Brotherhood of the Bass, the real musical force holding the universe
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