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Re: SO why is Sloan not popular in the States?

>This is why it pisses me off that stations like 89X in WINDSOR want to 
>possibly lower their Canadian content?!  That is SICK and WRONG.  (Yes, 
>I'm writing to Millen.)  The Hip plays INCREDIBLY small clubs in some 
>parts of the US...they're playing a pretty big arena in MI but it's very 
>close to Windsor (which is probably why it sold out).  But they played in 
>Pennsylvania in a club that only fits about 500 people...and it didn't 
>even sell out.

PLEASE don't get too rough on 89X because of what I wrote! Rememeber I only
said I HEARD they were trying to do that -- somebody from a radio station
elsewhere in Ontario told me, so I suppose he should know, but if you're
going to write, please be very polite about it! I don't want to be a

It would also be a good idea to send a letter -- or a copy of the 89X
letter -- to the Canadian equivalent of the FCC (sorry, I can't remember
the name right now), since they're the ones who make the final decision.

Hell, a simple call to the station's management (which I believe is in
Bingham Farms, MI) might clear up a lot of things. Any volunteers...?
(Since I'm in Georgia now it's not very practical for me)