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Re: Special US release...

>I'd like to know how OCTA was available in the US a few weeks after it's
>Canadian release. I'm afraid to tell you that it was only available through
>import...unless you can tell me about some other way it was and why Sloan
>signed to Enclave.

Yes, it was thru import in principle, I'll give you that. But it was
available thru normal US distribution channels and at normal US prices --
totally different from an import. The problems with this setup were poor
distribution channels and poor US visibilty for murderecords, hence the
deal with Enclave. That would be my guess, anyway.

The only evidence I have that this is true is a record store where they
still separate the imports from the general stock -- Sloan was in general
stock, while most other Canadian bands were in imports (Ghandarvas, part of
Pure's catalog are what jumps to mind; the other part of Pure's catalog was
in general stock).

It seems like it was Chart where I read about this setup, but I don't
remember for sure now. (yeah, I know, makes me sound like a liar!) I posted
to Sloannet the day I read it...