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Re: SO why is Sloan not popular in the Sates?

> and Pearl Jam to blame).  I really hate MTV with a passion(although I
> have heard talk of MTV revamping their programming to include more indie,

TV's Killing you
Drink Sussex
Shop at Sams

>  Take Alanis for example(is she still a joke).  I remember her VERY well
> from my time in Canada.  She was horrid, big hair, and Debbie Gibson
> beats.  It was just a shame.  But why is Alanis bigger here than Sloan. 
> Well she sold out.  She went from a TigerBeat, TeenBeat, SuperTeen,
> BigBopper, Teen Party, Bop, Sassy musician, to a Alterna fool.  She went
> from 80's crap to 90's crap and it paid off.  Hopefully when her next

Well, I don't understand what Alanis has to do with Sloan but I do know 
that "Alternative/Indierock" is basically paralell to Debbie Gibson, 
Paula Abdoul etc.. **it's just what's hip right now..** 
Sloan aren't as big as Alanis because they don't play a hybrid of "Dance"
and "loud Alternative Rock", if they played songs like that, they would 
clean up too.. they would also probably get to play the "Palace". 

Sorry to post twice in one day, but I also wanted to interject another 
thought.. re: US vs. CANADA thread... 
Well.. this is a list made of MUSIC FANS.. not INDUSTRY TYPES.. people 
are making lots of speculations and getting carried away with something 
they have no understanding of.. the music industry.. just wait till it 
comes out and go get one.. 
Who gives a shit what label Sloan are on, where they release their 
records or whatever.. if they make good music, it's good, and with all 
the americans on the list, I'm sure that everyone who want's one will get 
one. So, Buck Up.