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Re: SO why is Sloan not popular in the States?

I'm kind of glad that Sloan doesn't really appeal to the masses.  Do you
really want Sloan to be associated with Alanis.  To have to go to a huge
stadium to see Sloan and when you get there know that a lot of the people
there are only there because they saw a video on tv and thought it was cool.
I don't mean that it's bad that bands get popular.  Money makes it easier
for bands to do what they want.  In interviews chris and jay were talking
about how much more limited the budget that they had to produce OCtA was
versus Twice Removed.  Did the money really make that much difference to the
true die hard Sloan fans.  No, they got the album anyway because they could
hear the greatness in it.  Even the true fans in the states or overseas or
wherever got it.  I'd be happier knowing that every record that sold went to
someone who wanted it because they like the band than to someone who is just
going to listen to it until the band isn't cool anymore and then put it
right beside their Def Leppard tapes in a box.  

I like CanCon.  It does help to promote smaller bands in canada, but it only
does so much.  Where would Sloan be without CanCon?  They probably wouldn't
be anywhere near as large as they are in Canada right now.  But wait... just
because CanCon exists doesn't mean that bands like Sloan are going to be
played to fill the time quota.  There are lots of other bands that could be
played.  Radio plays what the masses want.  MTV and Much plays what the
masses want.  You know what that must mean, the masses don't want what most
Sloan fans want.  To get big in music takes work.  Some people can work
forever and never really get anywhere because what they are trying to sell
isn't what people want, or their trying to sell to the wrong people.
Anyway, i don't care if 93% of the population doesn't like sloan either
because they have never heard them or they really don't like the music.  I
like it, and they get my $15 for CD's and they will continue to.  I play the
stuff for my friends and maybe some of them start to like it too, maybe not.
It doesn't matter if they are huge, they are still good.  I guess what it
all comes down to is that if you want a band to be bigger, help promote
them.  Get the music to the people, request it, play it yourself.  Don't
just sit around and complain that Geffen didn't do there job.  Geffen sucks.
If geffen did do the promotion then maybe sloan would have been super huge,
but they might have turned Sloan into Bush while they were at it.