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Re: Special US release...

I just want to clear up my post, because it seemed to generate some ideas,
that were not intended.
1)I am NOT some self-righteous Canadian Sloan fan and I would like to think
there are very few if not any on this list
2)I DID NOT say that US fans did not deserve this bonus cd, because they are
not as loyal fans as Canadians
3)I was NOT saying "I'm a loyal Sloan fan and you're not" 

What I was trying to say was:
1)That for the majority of Sloan fans (americans included), who have already
bought OCTA, it is not fair to put a bonus CD on the US release, because
then these fans will have to purchase the same album again, in order to get
this bonus CD. I did not like the reasoning, because the majority of Sloan
fans, (americans included) would be getting ripped off.
2)What bothered me is that this seems not to be a "thank you" for the US
fans, but rather a way to get the majority of Sloan fans to buy it again, in
order to get the bonus CD, (as Shant Pelly previously stated). This seems to
be a pure money making plan and is something that bothers me.

IMO, in making decisions like these, a honest band would try to satisfy the
majority of their fans, but this is just my opinion. Thanks. 


At 02:21 AM 11/18/96 -0500, I wrote:
>I would have to agree with this. I can't see the logic in having an extra
>track on the US OCTA, for all the "loyal" american fans. Considering that
>the percent of Sloan fans that are american is about three and that the
>majority of the records that will probely be sold in the states will not be
>sold to these so called "loyal" fans, but rather to people who will be
>having their first Sloan experince. Unfortunatly for the rest of the Sloan
>fans, (97%), they will have to purchase the american release in order to get
>the extra track, being "loyal" fans. I am sorry to say this, but this sounds
>a little suspicious, but I am not going to speculate on this issue. All I
>know is that, by putting "The Party Song" on the US OCTA, is unfair to the
>huge majority of "loyal" Sloan fans and the reasoning that has been brought
>up, is not a bona fide one. Thanks.