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regarding Melissa's questions

On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Melissa Buote wrote:

> My chain has been yanked for far too long.

yes, but what does this have to do with sloan net? :)

> also, some questions:
> any good show coming up at the birdland in december?  has it moved 
>     already or what?

haven't heard of any good shows in the next few weeks, but i'm sure if
there are any, it will be announced here and on the hfx live listings
list. but birdland has not moved yet. according to a report in the north
end news, it is supposed to be in the new space (in the pacific building
on barrington st., where the studio once was) at the end of november.

> Is the Murderecords home page up yet?  

Ha! you sound like marc brown!! james covey, esteemed list moderator is
working on it and last i heard, it was nearing completion.

> What are Rebecca West up to now-a-days?

according to katharine pittman, they just completed a new video. for which
song, i am not sure. katharine, you must all know, was featured in the
first rebecca west video "breeze" as the nose pickin' convenience store

> how 'bout those state champs?

500 shiny new 7''s with a new state champs song and a new motes song sit
under the stairs in this very apartment. the bands are getting the sleeves
done as we speak/type, but when they will arrive at our house, i'm not
sure. i am personally hoping they will be available for purchase/reviewing
in the next two weeks. anyone interested in the new release or past
daydream projects, please email us at  af557\!/chebucto.ns.ca  or
twittche\!/is2.dal.ca  or  jrcovey\!/is.dal.ca  or  affleck\!/ug.cs.dal.ca

or snailmail at

po box 29057 halifax shopping centre, hfx, ns, b3L 4t8 canada

also, if you live in halifax and know us, and might be interested in
helping us put the seven inches in their sleeves and plastic slips and
stamping logos on and all that jazz, get in touch. yummy food will be on
hand and good music, too. it's your chance to get close to fame...or
something. probably in december....

and finally, if you know of any activity related to east coast independent
bands that are not normally covered by the press, get in touch with me.
stuff that is a little more underground than sloan going gold, jale going
on tour, etc. - not to dis those bands, i'm just looking for some
underground /less known bands to write about. now is your chance to help
out your favorite (or your own) band. 


ps/ i have twice removed on all 3 formats, not because one format was
better or had another track, but because i'm a big loser. :) there, that's
my contribution to the latest controversy.