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>         As a low income Sloan fan (aka student), I simply hope that there is
> an option for those of us who love them but don't have another eighteen
> bucks to fork over for 12 songs we've got and 4 we don't.  Maybe a special
> *Canadian* release of the songs on a single or as an EP.  We'll see.

who really cares??  $18......what is that, three hours of work.  yeah, i
would work 3 hours for one new song.  if it is so much money ask for it
for christmas (even though it is relesed after christmas).  or steal it.
whatever works for you.  but quit complaining about a measly $18.

sorry if my opinion sucks.

fresh from our deli.
rich c.		rgcampbe\!/acs.ucalgary.ca