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Brendan Ryan -- the man behind the myth

here's the deal....

Mr. Brendan "I'm so witty and clever" Ryan says he has a side project 
of magnanimous proportions, Herculean proportions even.  I want to 
know what it is.

My chain has been yanked for far too long.

If anyone has any information on this, e-mail me...no name is 
necessary, this can all be done anonymously, and a reward may be 

also, some questions:

what's the release date for the new super friendz album?
are cool blue halo going to be back on the east coast soon? or are 
    they already?  what's the deal on the re-release of their album?
can someone fill me in on the discography of the motes?
how can I get a copy of the "space so pretty" cassette by tara 
    s'appart?  her voice is so pretty =)
is the orange glass full length out yet?  why aren't we discussing it?
any good show coming up at the birdland in december?  has it moved 
    already or what?
Is the Murderecords home page up yet?  
What are Rebecca West up to now-a-days?
how 'bout those state champs?

ok...I think that's sufficient...someone can surely find a question 
in there that will lead to a topic change on here....