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Re: Special US release...

Drink Pepsi writes:
> I have to agree here that the people at Murderecords are a little slow. 
> I did e-mail them to ask what was up with my order, they emailed back and
> within a week I did get my order, I have another one coming soon.  Within

well everytime that i've sent email to murder i've never gotten a reply. 
granted, my messages weren't about any orders that i had made, but i still
think that they could have taken the 10 seconds that it takes to type a
reply to answer my questions.  email is supposed to make things like this
quicker and easier, but some people still don't seem to get it.  the only
other label that i've ever emailed is derivative, and i've always gotten
really quick responces, even if what i sent them wasn't really about
anything.  they've always been really friendly.. but murder hasn't even
acknowledged my existance.