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Re: SO why is Sloan not popular in the States?

"It got rave reviews form just about every major magazine here(Rolling 
Stone, Spin, etc.).  But no one went out and bought the album."

I think Dale was right...Geffen didn't promote it.  And Sloan's not 
grungy, or angst-ridden, or monosyllabic...that seems to be what sells 
here.  If you're Billy "My Life Sucks" Corgan or Beavis or Gwen "Look at 
my Belly Button" Stefani, people will listen to you.  Otherwise, forget 

Oh, I know it's not as simple as that.  But maybe people don't want to 
THINK about lyrics, and if they do, they want them to be simplistic.  I 
think mostly they just want stuff that "rocks."  They really don't give a 
shit about content...they want image or a jam or whatever.

But we all know Sloan has fantastic lyrics.  If frickin Presidents of the 
United States can sell records, then Sloan should, too.  They should sell 

"So I really think that MTV has played a big part(well I also really 
should include mainstream radio also) in Sloan and many other Canadian 
bands not becoming as big as they should be."

This is why it pisses me off that stations like 89X in WINDSOR want to 
possibly lower their Canadian content?!  That is SICK and WRONG.  (Yes, 
I'm writing to Millen.)  The Hip plays INCREDIBLY small clubs in some 
parts of the US...they're playing a pretty big arena in MI but it's very 
close to Windsor (which is probably why it sold out).  But they played in 
Pennsylvania in a club that only fits about 500 people...and it didn't 
even sell out.

"I think personally that many Americans don't check to see if their food 
is poisoned before they begin to eat it."

I'm going to put this on a t-shirt.  This is great.

"But right now the majority of record buyers are looking for "neo-punk 
rock"(why don't they just listen to all the old school, Scratch Acid, The 
Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, etc. good punk rock)"

I loved the Misfits.  Legacy of Brutality is great (I have it on vinyl 
for Chrissakes).  Glenn Danzig at his best, IMO.

"I love you all."

That's so sweet!

And Dale, I think, mentioned that there are and will always be good American 
bands.  While there DOES seem to be a huge drought right now, I agree with him. 
Live is one of the most enjoyable, thought-provoking, creative...BEST bands 
around (just wait 'til February).  And there are indie bands here, too.  There 
are indie bands everywhere.  That's where some (most) of the best music out 
right now comes from.

My God, why wasn't The Jam bigger?  I'm still scratching my head on that one.