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Re: SO why is Sloan not popular in the Sates?

Drink Pepsi done said:
> So why is that??

Geffen never promoted them.

> It got rave reviews form just about every major
> magazine here(Rolling Stone, Spin, etc.).  But no one went out and bought
> the album.  So why was that? 

Most people are idiots and only buy records that are promoted heavily and 
get heavy radio and MTV/VH1/MuchMusic play. 

> (do we have Nirvana
> and Pearl Jam to blame).

I would hate to blame Nirvana for anything except Courtney Love's 

I think we have a lot to thank Nirvana for -- I tend to divide pop culture 
into pre- and post- Nirvana. Not that they were really anything new, but 
their impact opened a lot of kids eyes to 
alternative/modern/postmodern/whatever ya call it rawk.

> What if "Smells Like Teen Spirit" had never of been
> played on MTV. 

They would have been about as big as Husker Du or the Replacements were. 
Kurt would probably be alive, Courtney would still be married to the guy 
from the Leaving Trains. Someone else would have (eventually) had that same 
sort of impact. Maybe Soul Asylum. Hell, maybe Soul Asylum wouldn't suck, 
either, since they used to rawk my world.

> If my band ever gets out of the garage and onto something that we
> can live off of then I will tell Tabitha Sorencen(sp?) that MTV suck's
> and the only good music that I listen to comes from a foreign country. 

I hate to sound nationalistic, but there are and always have been good 
American bands. 

Except during those bleak years between the Stooges and the Ramones. And 
even then we had Big Star.
> Let your friends borrow a CD(I let the guitarist in our band borrow
> "Peter" and "Smeared" he is now a fan of both so we can add one more to
> the list). 

I lent my copy of OCTA to a friend who had it stolen out of his car. Not to 
recall the "my country has bigger sloan fans than yours" thread, but I had 
to go to a foreign country to git that suckah, and now I only have a crappy 
slow tape of it made off of my crappy old slow tape deck.

So I can either wait for the US release (unlikely), mail order it (but my 
murder catalog was in the disc booklet!!) or drive to Canada again.

Lucky for me, I'll be visiting my girlfriend in Vermont over (our) 
Thanksgiving. She lives not too far from Montreal, so we're going to take a 
shopping trip sometime during the holiday weekend.

But enough about me...

How 'bout them Dawgs?


"Life is like a box of chocolates"
			-the Cancer Man