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Re: Special US release...

In a message dated 96-11-18 15:58:41 EST, you write:

<< OCTA has been available in the US since a few weeks after its Canadian
 release. It doesn't mean US record stores are stocking it, but it _is_
 available. By re-releasing the same record on a US label, Sloan, Enclave,
 and murderecords wouldn't really accomplish a single thing -- do you really
 think a store will stock OCTA just because the label's name changes? In
 fact, if I were Enclave I would DEMAND bonus tracks or something special as
 part of the distribution deal.

I'd like to know how OCTA was available in the US a few weeks after it's
Canadian release. I'm afraid to tell you that it was only available through
import...unless you can tell me about some other way it was and why Sloan
signed to Enclave.