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Alright Already!
        Look, when I wrote that first letter it was NOT a great big banner
saying "hey, let's all say that america sucks and we rule", 'kay?  My simple
(yet blown way out of porportion by certain over-zealous fans) comment was
that perhaps the reasoning behind a special release was flawed.  As I
alluded to and which was so obviously pointed out, perhaps making MONEY was
an issue?  Heaven forbid that our boys should actually make some cash at
this!?!  If anyone is deserving, it is them.  
        As a low income Sloan fan (aka student), I simply hope that there is
an option for those of us who love them but don't have another eighteen
bucks to fork over for 12 songs we've got and 4 we don't.  Maybe a special
*Canadian* release of the songs on a single or as an EP.  We'll see.
        To whichever genius it was who said how much more "deserving" they
were because they were a part of the "3%" of the US and how Sloan *owed
them* this...blow it out yer ass.  Sloan should pay homage to _all_ it's
loyal fans...I don't care where you live.  Don't be such a...well I'm not
sure what to call you.  


"I think I'm losing all my patience, and I know I'm too quick to judge"