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First major LA airplay for Sloan?

       Last night, i was listening to my favorite radio show "Rodney and the
ROQ" on KROQ-(Los Angeles based) FM.  To give you some background on the
show, this guy has been on the radio for over 20 years, and has helped
endless amounts of bands get known in the states and is always the first
person to play a band way before they're popular.  "This is a band i've
never played before because for some reason I had always thought they were a
heavy metal band because of their name.  (?)  they're called sloan and their
album comes out early next year"  I was in shock, it was the first time i
had ever heard sloan (or any other canadian band for that matter) on the
air.  he played "autobiography" and then 2 songs later "the good in
everyone".  i consider this a great breakthrough for the band!


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