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dARRYl kOHUt wrote:

>ps2: Oh, and if anyone's interested or will be in the area, Trebel
>will be playing at Louie's at the U of Sas campus on Thursday the
>21st. Im
>sad to say that i wont be there.

Opening for Treble Charger should be a band called The New
Grand.  For those of you who haven't ever heard of them, 
just released an excellent debut album on sonic unyon records
this summer, and have some 7"s and bubble gun and I believe
squirtgun records.  They also appear on the More Of Our
Stupid Noise, a compilation put out by squirtgun.  

these guys put on an awesome live show, (best I've seen 
being in London this past halloween)  and I highly recomend
going to see them.  

If ever you meet them, be very nice, because they are 
super nice guys and are highly underrated.

Anyone in the area, go to the Charger show,  support 
Canadian music, you won't be dissapointed.