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SO why is Sloan not popular in the Sates?

So why is that??  Just from my memory I remember "Smeared" being a
semi-large success in Canada.  From what I hear now on Sloannet is that
OCtA is a really big hit.  "Smeared" should of been a bigger hit here in
the US than it was.  It got rave reviews form just about every major
magazine here(Rolling Stone, Spin, etc.).  But no one went out and bought
the album.  So why was that?  Well I personally believe that it was in
part due to the fact that MTV didn't play their videos(do we have Nirvana
and Pearl Jam to blame).  I really hate MTV with a passion(although I
have heard talk of MTV revamping their programming to include more indie,
and imported[does this mean that we can now see videos by Noise Addict,
Shonen Knife, Eric's Trip, etc.] music).   MTv plays a very big part in
making music BIG.  What if "Smells Like Teen Spirit" had never of been
played on MTV.  Would "Nevermind" been as big of a success as it is?  You
must admit that it is a damn good song.  I remember the state of music
around that time pre-Nirvana.  I didn't listen to music, I just read
comic books.  But I moved to Canada and began to watch MuchMusic.  Soon I
started to see videos by bands that I had never even heard of.  Is "City
Limits" with Simon Evans(is that right) still on?  And what about "Too
Much, For Much"?  That is where I started to see the majority of the
music that I know listen too.  I have never seen a Sloan video on MTV.  I
have never seen a Shonen Knife video. The last Sloan video I saw was "500
Up".  I saw a little bit of the Noise Addict's "16" on "Squirt TV".  120
minutes which is supposed to be the alternitiveMTV to MTV is no longer
Alternative.  Every Sunday night I watch and I don't see anything new at
all.  Alternative Nation is just a joke.  So I really think that MTV has
played a big part(well I also really should include mainstream radio
also) in Sloan and many other Canadian bands not becoming as big as they
should be.  But why is this.  I think personally that many Americans
don't check to see if their food is poisoned before they begin to eat it.
 Take Alanis for example(is she still a joke).  I remember her VERY well
from my time in Canada.  She was horrid, big hair, and Debbie Gibson
beats.  It was just a shame.  But why is Alanis bigger here than Sloan. 
Well she sold out.  She went from a TigerBeat, TeenBeat, SuperTeen,
BigBopper, Teen Party, Bop, Sassy musician, to a Alterna fool.  She went
from 80's crap to 90's crap and it paid off.  Hopefully when her next
album comes out all of us Americans will realize that she needs help to
write her songs.  I warned many many people about Alanis and what she
was, but no one listened.  They saw the video, Simon Rex said go and buy.
 And many did as they were told(is MTV Gorge Orwells Big Brother).  Sloan
didn't sell out.  They never did, they never will.  "Smeared" fit very
well with the "grunge" music scene(maybe people thought they were a
NIrvana wanna-be).  But then "TwiceRemoved" came out.  It is a completely
different album than "Smeared".  A full 180 twist from "Smeared".  It
took me a very long time to warm up to "TwiceRemoved"(almost a whole
year).  But right now the majority of record buyers are looking for
"neo-punk rock"(why don't they just listen to all the old school, Scratch
Acid, The Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, etc. good punk rock), guitar
oriented slack rock and just the same ole' shit like Alanis.  Once again
music has be come uncreative.  Bush copies Nirvana, Oasis copies the
Beatles, Rancid copies The Sex Pistols and Green Day well they just copy
all the old school.  But as Nirvana copied Scratch Acid(if you listen to
Scratch Acid you know what I mean) Sloan copied old school hard rock for
"Smeared" but then went on to copy all the cool 60's music that was also
in their record collections.  And they do it well, they do it with style,
grace, and beauty.  They add there influences to their own flavour.  And
it comes out tasting like something different.  But America and many
people right now still can't let go that Kurt is dead and grunge should
of died with him.  I feel that when OCtA is officially released America
will wake up once again and say "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I BEEN LISTING
TO!?!?".  And if Sloan doesn't get as big as I would like then the next
big band(I know this will happen) will give a big nod to Sloan, Noise
Addict, Eric's Trip, Shonen Knife, and bands that really do rock.  Bands
that have talent, bands that are just damn good.  Bands that are real. 
Bands that play with their heart on the music and not on the pocket
money.  If my band ever gets out of the garage and onto something that we
can live off of then I will tell Tabitha Sorencen(sp?) that MTV suck's
and the only good music that I listen to comes from a foreign country. 
People will wake up soon.  All of us that support indie music, all of us
that don't listen to the radio, us people that go to the record store and
get upset when we can't find any releases from Jale.  We are helping
usher in the next big wave of Rock-n-Roll.  Keep up listening to Sloan. 
Let your friends borrow a CD(I let the guitarist in our band borrow
"Peter" and "Smeared" he is now a fan of both so we can add one more to
the list).  Write MTV, call your radio station and tell them about the
music you listen to.  If enough people do this, they will listen.  Now
for my apology.  I am sorry for rambling on so.  Blame it on my ADHD. 
And please, every time your at the record store tell the employees that
Eric's Trip rocks, or Cub, or Chixdiggit.  Maybe they'll listen to it. 
And the more fans that these bands have, the more money they can make(so
they can continue to make records).  Thank you all for being my only
source for many of my favourite bands.  I love you all.  This is the only
list that I am on where we all treat each other with respect.  It must be
our common Bond(now why can't the Home Improvment list go as smoothly as
Sloannet, if it's not someone impersonating Tim Allen, some one is saying
that Jonathan Taylor Thomas has a funny voice, or Zachary Ty Bryan is
ugly, then people get in a rut, flamming occurs, and the whole list gets
pissed, this is a bi-weekly thing, and I just want to talk about the only
sitcom that I watch on TV, cuz it sure is funny, stuff always blowing up,

"You watched 90210,
  And you didn't like Sloan..."  Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub~~ "Marina"