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Re: Special US release...

I have to agree here that the people at Murderecords are a little slow. 
I did e-mail them to ask what was up with my order, they emailed back and
within a week I did get my order, I have another one coming soon.  Within
two or three weeks I'll get it.  When I got my first order I even got a
hand written letter from some one at Murderecords(and a cool sticker that
immediately went on my guitar).  Not sure of who it was but at least some
one took some time to write me a very short letter.  And why is it so
fuckin' hard to order from Murderecords through your local record store? 
It irritates me real bad like.  I am a little upset that Sloan will
release a special CD for the US release.  But I don't think that there
doing it for the Mad Cash.  I have been following Sloan since I first saw
"Underwhelmed" on Much Music way back when I still lived in Vancouver. 
There one of my favourite bands, and I love them so.  Anything that they
do is gold in my opinon.  But I think they do need to do something about
Murderecords being so slow.  I don't see it as a big ole' problem just a
small one.  But on Feb.11th I'll be at the doorsteps of Waterloo records
to purchase my second copy of OCtA.  Maybe I'll just give my second copy
to my uncle(he's to hip he just sent me a real good KORG guitar tuner
just for the hell of it), so he can tune in, turn on and drop out with

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On Mon, 18 Nov 1996 10:26:56 -0500 (EST) Evan Thomas Knott
<knotte\!/umich.edu> writes:
>	I can't figure out why everyone is bitching about Sloan 
>something for their loyal fans in the states.  Granted, the states 
>shit upon sloan pretty hard, but to be a states fan of sloan, you must 
>extremely devoted.  It is nearly impossible to hear info about them or 
>get ahold of their releases.  I have gone out of my way to see sloan 
>times, all of which required driving for 3 or more hours to the venue.
>Mailordering their stuff is almost as impossible as it is finding it 
>U.S. stores, I don't know who is running murderecords, but they suck 
>Several of my friends in Jersey have tried to get ahold of OCTA and 
>new superfriendz stuff and murder didn't even bother to acknowledge
>receiving the order after we sent multiple orders and made phone calls 
>And lastly, if sloan is bitter about how the states fucked them over, 
>mean, they were the ones that decided to sign on with Geffen in the 
>place.  I mean, how dumbass is that?  
>The special sloan insert thing is long overdue to the devoted states