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New Sloan track

>you kanucks should stop yr. bitchin.

I agree. Vancouver already has some awesome forewards as well as a decent

>Sloan will most  likely release "The Party Record" on Murderecords in Canada
>if you have any common sense about what a band does when they have their own
>record label.

I believe that Covey said that it will be a party *ALBUM* if i may repeat.
I guessed that that means that it would be totally seperate from OCTA.
*shrug* If they do only release the track on the US version of OCTA I'm
sure they wont make us buy the album again. Murder would probably put out a
single for us unpurified clean water drinkers.


"But you were feeding on blue-green algae,
 And Manitoba watered hens!" - Superfriendz