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Re[2]: Special US release...and bitterness

"you kanucks should stop yr. bitchin. You have ahad your precious new sloan 
record for at least seven months now and I (who live in the U.S.) have not.
 I'm sure that Sloan is not punishing you, but making it worthwhile fo rthe
U.S. fans who had to wait a million years before the U.S. release of the 
record. "


"See, it doesn't feel so good when your being degraded does it?  Some of you did
that to us American fans.."

Whoa...if Canadian Bacon was a good movie, I'd recommend it right now.  If you 
want OCtA THAT bad, why not order it or ask someone to dub it in the meantime?  
There's no need for bitterness against the general Canadian population (or any 
specific subsection, for that matter).

And for the record (ha ha--that'd be a pun if this weren't the 90s), I've had 
OCtA since June (or July).  As Lisa said, living in Michigan sometimes has its