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Re: Special US release...

>        I don't know what to think about all this "special release stuff".
>Yes, I will most surely go out and try to scam myself a copy of the US
>release of OCTA because of it's neato extras, but I'm kind of bothered by
>the reasoning.  They want to thank their fans who have stayed loyal in the
>US?  I don't know.  We've all been loyal Sloan fans here in Canada for a
>long time...some of us since Peppermint.  We were the ones who kept going to
>shows when no one else did.  We bought up a kajillion copies of Smeared,
>Twice Removed, and especially OCTA.  It went Gold in Canada!  We're proud of

OCTA has been available in the US since a few weeks after its Canadian
release. It doesn't mean US record stores are stocking it, but it _is_
available. By re-releasing the same record on a US label, Sloan, Enclave,
and murderecords wouldn't really accomplish a single thing -- do you really
think a store will stock OCTA just because the label's name changes? In
fact, if I were Enclave I would DEMAND bonus tracks or something special as
part of the distribution deal.

There is HUGE precedent for this -- I can think of CD5's that Sebadoh has
released in England, but not here. Garbage has done the same. There are
countless disks available in Japan that are available NOWHERE else. Shonen
Knife repackaged its Japanese records and added bonus tracks when they were
released by Giant in the US. The list goes on and on.

Is it right? Well, if a band wants to sell records, it has to get noticed.
Sloan obviously is not getting noticed very well in the US right now. They
could add bonus tracks, like Pure did when they released Generation 6-Pack
here last month, and didn't get much notice. Or they can add a whole bonus
ALBUM, which is much more likely to get noticed by the media. The flip
side, it seems to me, is that if it doesn't get noticed by the media record
store owners will continue to ignore it, or even prefer the Canadian
no-bonus edition.

It's purely a business decision -- it has nothing to do with music. But
Sloan needs to think about the business end too, especially since that's
what murderecords is.

Of course the whole deal puts me, and anyone else participating in the
boycott of EMI, in a difficult position (since Enclave is owned by EMI)...
If you don't know about it, check this link:


If you're a guitarist, you _need_ to know about it! The fact that we trade
tab makes sloannet illegal in the eyes of EMI...