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Re: Special US release...

you kanucks should stop yr. bitchin. You have ahad your precious new sloan
record for at least seven months now and I (who live in the U.S.) have not.
 I'm sure that Sloan is not punishing you, but making it worthwhile fo rthe
U.S. fans who had to wait a million years before the U.S. release of the
Sloan will most  likely release "The Party Record" on Murderecords in Canada
if you have any common sense about what a band does when they have their own
record label.

See, it doesn't feel so good when your being degraded does it?  Some of you
did that to us American fans..which there are plenty, especially considering
the sloan touring U.S. to Canada ratio.

Don't freak out, everyone will get the songs.

"Shame, Shame" - Sloan